Keap Pro - Infusionsoft API v2

I am familiar with infusionsoft API v1 but am new to v2.

How do I get my information beyond only API key in v2? So far all I can see is where you enter your passphrase to generate your Encrypted API key in Keap Pro account. How is this enough information to be able to facilitate API connectivity with my list software?

Or in other words what does Keap Pro v2 require to facilitate a API call string to add a new email lead?

Hi, @Phil_Springer,

The biggest difference you’re going to come up against will likely be authentication. The new api and REST use an OAuth managed process to get the access token with. You’ll first get the auth token which gives you permission to request the access and refresh token pair. From there, the access token is good for 24 hours and the refresh token is good for six months. You will then need to manage the refresh process and update the access and refresh tokens before the access token expires (at least to create a seamless process) using a database to mange tokens with and a scheduled process to manage the refresh process and updating the database. I have a video I did on this process as it seems to be the biggest sticking point for most: