Need a quality way to track efforts of a call center

We are looking for a good way to track the efforts of a small sales team (currently about 9) and be able to report on them on a daily and weekly basis. We have a lot of leads come in through social media, search engine, landing pages, and general website visits that first create an unassigned opportunity that the next available rep can claim and work. They also take a fair amount of calls that also get entered in to create leads.

We are trying to figure out how to create a simple report that can be pulled on a daily and weekly basis that breaks down the report by sales rep and shows how many leads they took, how many they created (from a phone call) how many they worked, and how many they closed.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

My preferred method is to work with Integromat (like Zapier, but cheaper). That link gets you a free month of their ‘basic’ plan, but you can use their account free, too.

Every time you get a call out come, trigger an HTTPs post to hit a webhook and then dump that raw data into a Google Sheet (with rep info, call outcome, etc.)

Then, you have carte blanche to do whatever manipulation of data you want.

Here are quick screenshots of the types of reports we’ve put together for clients (individual names redacted)

Monthly sales tracking:

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 3.48.31 PM.png

Call Tracking by Rep, Type and Timeframe: