My Invoice Shows the Wrong Name and Company & There Is No Way To Change It

The chat has been unavailable for some time so I cannot get this updated directly from there. When I go to Infusionsoft’s billing, my Name and Company Name are WRONG, while my billing address, my email and my app name are correct.

And there is no where for me to change this, which means someone from the Infusionsoft Sales team has to help me edit this.

Can someone please assist me, as I need to print out these invoices for my company accounting.

There are 2 places to check your info:

Admin - Settings - General
Marketing - Settings - Email Defaults

Make sure both of those areas are changed.


That is for within the tool and both are set correctly. My challenge is with the Invoice being produced by the Netsuite payment system that Infusionsoft integrates with to charge my credit card every month.