Must I be logged into my account to into myself?

Everything looks so unfamiliar. I feel so inadequate I can’t even into myself and my business. I really want to get started. I have read the Glossary and watched a number of Training Videos which are excellent. Just anxious and nervous I guess. HELP.

Welcome @Val_Mathews!

Don’t get discouraged. Admittedly, Infusionsoft has a steep learning curve but most that see that through would tell you it’s worth it.

Have you done any kickstarter sessions or spoken with support for direction at all? Are you unsure of where to go for resourses? (this is one place but there are other resources too :wink: )

What do you do and what are you looking for Infusionsoft the help you accomplish?

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Hi John, thanks for responding to me. I have in fact successfully updated
my profile today. I signed up for the Grace Lever Starter Launch program
this week with the Infusionsoft Team in Sydney.

I am waiting for them to contact me to arrange my Coaching sessions.

In the meantime I believe I have begun the Kickstarter sessions. I have
been studying the Glossary and listening to the Tutorial Videos. I am keen
to learn and I am prepared to put in the hard work.

Pls point me into the Resources.

I am a Life Coach and my ideal Avatar is Corporate Indigenous Women here
in Australia and internationally.

With thanks

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Valerie Mathews
Life Coach/Mentor at Motivational Trainer
A Nanango Qld 4615
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