Just saying hey

Hey I’m Dominec,
I’m a Spiritual Therapist, Paranormal Specialist and owner of (http://www.redclawconjure.com). A client told me I need to start marketing, so people who really need help can easily find me. I am learning as I go. Any suggestions?

Hi @Dominec_Holmes!

I’ve been using Infusionsoft for close to 4 years now. There are some really great resources (videos, etc.) in the Basic Training area. Also check out the Marketplace to see some examples of campaigns you can add to your app.

I just browsed your website and have some general feedback and tips, which I hope you’ll find constructive:

  • You don’t mention your name anywhere in your bio. Make it stand out.
  • If you want people to call you, include a phone number.
  • You can set up a couple of campaigns with webforms through Infusionsoft and embed the code for them on your site so you can get contact info, interests, etc.
  • I see you have a birthday promotion – Add a webform to encourage visitors to add their name, including their birthday and email.

Some other things you might consider, from an overall Marketing perspective:

  • Product: make sure you have clear descriptions - even their own pages, perhaps - of what your products/services are. If you have E-commerce in your Infusionsoft app, you can set up and sell products/services/packages within Infusionsoft.
  • Price: Not only is it important to set a competitive price for your products and services, but also clearly state the value that a customer receives. Perceived value is greater than actual price.
  • Promotion: Set up a marketing strategy that helps get the word out about what you offer: not only with your website but also email, social, local, word of mouth, referral networks, etc. You may need to hire outside talent to help you as needed. Infusionsoft can help with this.
  • Place: Where are you offering your products and services? Make sure your target market is clearly defined. Also clearly define your expertise. What makes you different from others who do what you do?
  • Process: How easy is it to work with you? What internal processes do you have set up that facilitate the interaction with leads into becoming customers into becoming those who tell others about what you do? Infusionsoft can really help with this
  • People: Who are customers working with in the business? What will make them like those people? Etc.

Hope this helps you get started! :slight_smile:

Make it a great day!