Merge Fields Defect for HTTP POST when field renamed

We’ve had a serious problem with SMS sending. We set up an IFS campaign to send SMSs using HTTPS post to our SMS provider (e.g. . It worked fine.

However we then had to sanitize our database so that Phone2 was always the mobile number (Campaigns don’t allow one to program IF Phone1Type=Mobile THEN XXX else IF Phone2Type=Mobile…). And to make sure that we enter the numbers correctly in future, we changed the name of the Phone2 field to ‘Mobile’.

However we’re finding when we do a test HTTPS Post, all the merge fields are filled in correctly - EXCEPT the Campaign.Phone2 ones, which are blank. Even changing the Phone2 label back to the default doesn’t fix it (I note the database still keeps the label, which may explain it).

Unsurprisingly this doesn’t get the SMS sent!

The merge seems to work correctly in a proper campaign, so a fix isn’t urgent. I just wanted to warn other users of the bug, as it’s cost my colleagues a lot of time and effort to work out what was happening.

  • Charles