Measure Income Generated from a Campaign?

We’re about to roll out a set of campaigns and I am hoping to have numbers related to income generated from each campaign. Does anyone have suggestions on what a good way to do this might be?

Opportunity records have leadsource expenses and sales revenue tied to them and can be used to measure income as well as ROI.

Thanks John, we don’t have opportunities set up in our app. I am realizing that I could add parameters to the end of the url and set custom hidden orderform fields at checkout. Then a custom search would return all orders with specific campaign custom fields…

Have you seen this done before?

Hi Chris!

Yes, have done this many times. Quite often, it’s for webforms to track leadsource etc. It would take some custom code but is quite feasible.

You could use 2 fields (or more) depending on your focus:

LeadSource = Larger bucket to group the lead by
LeadSourceDetail = Specific details about the campaign / leadsource. This could be a concatenation of utm_ parameters for example

hope it helps!

Thanks Mark. We ended up doing a bit of custom code on the order form…

Parameters are passed from sales page to order form then stored in custom fields on the order record. Have yet to determine how much better this will be for our internal use, but now we have a better method for tracking multiple promotions that hit the same sales pages/order forms. And we have one additional parameter called Referring Email Address which adds the contact email address who received the promotional email to the order record.

This way, it should be easier to track the 20% of contacts who seem to buy with an alternate email and link them back to the promotion.