One of my clients wants to be able to track the orders per email broadcast (so if we have a series of emails going out over the next two weeks to sell product X, we can tell how successful each email was).

For example,
Broadcast Email 1 - got 4 orders for $300
Broadcast Email 2 - got 6 orders for $500

We also want to be able to download these results so they can be combined into a spreadsheet with other data on one big report.

** Any suggestions on the best way to do this?

I’m open to ideas for outside tracking tools - or possibly using campaign builder (but I don’t love the reporting).

Has anyone else already figured this out? Thanks so much for the help!

Here is how I would do it:

Let’s say I want to do 3 broadcasts:

  1. I would create three tags to segment the contacts in each broadcast (broadcast1, broadcast2 and broadcast3.)
  2. Then, I would create a unique tag for each broadcast CTA to track the clicks (broadcast1CTAclick, broadcast2CTAclick, broadcast3CTAclick)

When I’m ready to pull reports, I can pull all orders where contacts were in the broadcast1, but did not click the CTA, etc…etc…lots of ways you can splice the data at that point.

Another way would be to use Google URL builder and build a unique CTA link for each broadcast. Then, set up a goal in Google Analytics where the order form success page is the goal page, then pull reports in GA to match the Google campaign URL to the goal page. Then you could show the traffic funnel in GA to your client.

Or, you could do both :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin - some definite potential ideas there!

You’re essentially talking about tracking ROI. Infusionsoft has a built in way to do this. Using leadsources you can assign costs to any leadsource (both one time and recurring). Tie this to an opportunity record which also tracks your funnel stages and your revenue for sales and you can then report ROI. Where your broadcasts come in are that you can provide cost/expense for the broadcast which gets calculated in with your opportunity reporting and ROI reporting.

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Thank you John.

  1. Setup proper cross-domain tracking so you maintain traffic sources from UTM codes by following this guide.

  2. Tag your emails with UTMs as explained in this guide.

  3. Setup to report sales data.

You’ll then be able to see everything inside Google Analytics.