Mass Update Order Fields

Hello Team,
Few days back I had to update some 500 orders, hence, I ended up using mass order update as usual (have done it in past successfully maybe a year back). For some reason it didn’t want to work. Tried many times. I reached out to support and they straight up said that this is an unsupported feature and is user risk. So with no luck there I ended up using option of Order (No item) option in list. Which updated field I needed but ended up removing items on all those orders and hence payments. So, I had to pay infusionsoft for restoring those order.
Fast forwarding today and I have to again mass update orders and manual update one by one will take forever.

There are 3 “infusionsoft by Keap’s ID” as keys. I have tried all three with no luck either.

Can someone please test this feature and advise if it is working as usual. If yes can you please assist me on what am I doing wrong here.

Thank you, Much appreciated