Logging on to our company database

I am trying to log onto our company database but have not been able to locate it. It is under Maui Grown Therapies.

Hi Sandra, I just want to clarify you are not able to login to your Infusionsoft Application, is that right?

I imagine you are referring to loging into your infusionsoft app?

I am logged onto the site but can’t get onto our database


That usually means (most often anyway) that you were sent a confirmation invitation email that hasn’t been responded to or clicked the link to confirm yet so the user isn’t yet active. Once doing that the app should show up when you login

I’ve done that and am still unable to access our file.

Sandra McGuinness

Patient Education Specialist

Maui Grown Therapies

44 Pa`a Street

Maui Lani Village Center

Kahului, HI 96732



Hi Sandra, It looks like your Infusionsoft ID was created but wasn’t Linked to an application. In this case I would recommend connecting with Support so they can troubleshoot that for you.