Linked Contacts question

Infusionsoft says that Linked Contacts should only be used in certain situations, but doesn’t really do a good job of spelling out where it’s appropriate or not…

Can anyone give me input on whether a link for a husband and a wife is a good idea to link, or not, and if not, why?

The catch is that the contact is only linked in terms of how it is displayed on the contact record. If you link the husband to the wife’s contact record (or visa-versa), the only benefit is that you can navigate to the husband’s record while viewing the wife’s contact record - that may be all you are looking for, in which case linked contacts would work for you. If your expectation is that you want to be able to communicate (send an email) to the main contact record and all linked records - that doesn’t work. “Linked contacts” is only a way to tie contacts together so that you can view linked contacts while viewing a contact record.