Link in email question

Can i set up a link (or section of text with a link) in a broadcast email that will only display in the email if the subscriber has not yet clicked on the link?

Hmmm…not really.

It sounds like you’re asking for conditional content, which I think is a feature they are looking into at the moment, but I haven’t heard any promises about when it would be available.

For the interim you might be able to achieve this by using decision diamond branching to segment BEFORE the email is sent, and then delivering two different versions based on what you know about the recipient.

But feel free to clarify if I misunderstood the question! More context is always helpful. :slight_smile:


What @Greg_Jenkins mentions about them looking at how this might be possible I’ve also “heard rumor of” but nothing concrete yet. This would be possible to do with code (javascript) if that were not something that IS strips from the final email. The only other option is a far more complicated, code based option and would most likely be a “I can’t live without it” reason for most to actually want to do.

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