LastUpdatedBy added to Job table

We have a client that needs to log changes of data to Infusionsoft. I need to have the system change ID. It would be great to have this included in the RESThooks as that is how we are currently triggering.

Hey @Nick_Kulavic, Currently there is no way to update an ID on Jobs due to data integrity constraints. I think what you are asking for though, is a way to get a user id included in the hook body that indicates last_updated_by? Is that correct?

That would work as well yes. I’m needing to know who caused the hook to fire.

@Nick_Kulavic, it sounds like you just need to take the Contact ID provided in the Resthook post, then do a GET on /contacts/{id} and look at the last_updated_by attribute for each updated Contact record?

No, I need this for Jobs and Invoices.

Unfortunately The last_updated_by is not exposed by the REST nor the XML/RPC APIs. I will chat with PM about this.

This is what you guys need to do → Overview You can see the source is already there and everything, making it real simple to do.