Kwanza from Chat 'N' Chill® Weddings & Beach Boutique

Hi, I’m Kwanza from Stocking Island, Exuma, Bahamas, where my husband and I run a beach bar, grill, gift shop and destination wedding venue on a private island. I am here to learn to nurture our customers better and of course to grow our business through automation and personalization. Right now I wear too many hats and I’m looking for a smarter way to do business utilizing technology.

Welcome, @islandmommy!

Kwanza, a great many are business owners here. We, of course, all wear many hats lol… A common standard to think about in this context is, if you find yourself doing something more than three times or more in a week, every week, then see if you can automate it… In most cases, IS can help and we’re here to help you use IS in the most effective way possible!

Welcome Kwanza - systems and processes will help you achieve your goals!
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