Hello everyone! [DQ#1]

I just wanted to say hello! I am from Phoenix Arizona and I am currently taking the ICC course. As a former small business owner (20 years), I know the challenge of running a company. I have a lot of passion to help other small business owners increase profits and systemize their operations. I have walked a mile in their shoes and I only wish I could have had Infusionsoft when I was running my Company.

My background is in training & development, graphic design, marketing, social media & video production. I am currently working with a successful speaker/author who coaches entrepreneurs and our mission is to help small businesses and solopreneurs become more productive and profitable so they can live ridiculously fulfilling lives.

Welcome, Diana! Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. Have you visited Infusionsoft HQ here in Phoenix yet?

Hi Martin! Yes, I was there for Infusionsoft U recently! It’s a beautiful facility and I love the culture the company has created for their employees!

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