Hello, and Thank you

My name is Tiffany. Owner and operator of All Around the World and AllSeason Travel. Just moved to Az. After being a city girl for all my life. I’ve been inside of IS for about 5 months now and i still have yet to use its fullest potential. Last month at the Score event i met a few people from sales and marketing that i thought would be of some help but i learned the onsite classes are no longer given. My Introduction was good but i may need a certified partner to assist in getting a few more things done. Now i am on a hunt.
Who are what partners have you used in the past ?? Or do you have a service based company and had your sales and E-commerce setup with??

You can email me details please and thank you. I am willing to share and bounce off ideas with all businesses: tiffany@allseasontravel.net or allseasontravel@outlook.com