Jerry from Australia -Investment property consultant and sales-

Always need help in automation, marketing and sales.
Current projects_
Create property school
Create better sales funnels with campaigns
Improving banding in the app

HI Jerry,
What is your need?

my experience may be of assistance

I managed a clients app for 7 years. They were Property investor mentor, homestudy program, membership to list a few… live events plus on demand online events.
(they are now independent)
I’m sure I can offer some guidance.

Live Events, On Demand Webinar, Ask a Question, email newsletter - 2 emails a week.
Just a few campaigns in the ‘nurture’ category.
There was also lead gen funnel and feedback/testimonial created via automation.

They did also do FB ads and LinkedIn marketing, plus magazine print article and EDM’s

Focus on ‘one thing’
(doing that for myself right now, so I can relate)

I’m focusing on a lot of things as I always do. I have a simple lead gen. And just email templates and a few campaigns.

I would mind a branding review .

Have not been useing landing pages.

I am in process of making a couple of digital products 1 consultatio1 on 1 consultation 2. Investment property school

I’m pretty much self taught on infusionsoft so I know there is a lot I’m missing.