Is there a way to use html for the shopping cart?

I wanted to find out if there’s a way to get html coding for the shopping cart page? If not, where exactly do I use the link for the shopping cart page? I copied it and pasted into my WordPress site but when you click on Buy Now on my website it takes you to a different page with another Buy Now button that you click on which then takes you to the shopping cart page. It’s confusing as I’m just not sure how to make the 2nd page with Buy Now on it go away so when you click the 1st Buy Now, you go directly to the shopping cart page, not having a 2nd page in between having to click Buy Now again.

@Jillian_Von_Ohlen when they click “buy now” are they ready to checkout or are they adding it to their cart and continuing to browse other items?

@martinc Yes they will checkout right away as I only offer 2 items so they will only purchase 1 of them, not both.

The easiest way would be to create a product bundle link for each product. This is like Infusionsoft’s version of a “buy now” link. When clicked, it brings the customer directly to the checkout page with the product they chose in the cart.

Thank you so much. You rock!

I know realized another question as I’m setting it all up. One of my products is expensive so I give them the option to do 3 payments or 1 payment. How do I set that up? Or should I just do 2 separate bundle links and say 3 payments on one button and 1 payment on the other? Not sure if there’s a better way to do it. Thanks again

After you set up a pay plan and click save, you can just set the criteria that they must have the high-ticket item at checkout to see the pay plan option.

  1. Set up Pay Plan

  2. After you save, you will have a new option to set the criteria for the pay plan to be present. Just do a Product/Qty Criteria where there is at least 1 high-ticket item present.


I’m not understanding this at all. I’m doing what you said but it’s very confusing as to how the payment works. They will have 2 options. 1) to pay over 3 months, or 2) pay in full and receive a 10% discount. I don’t see how to do that.