Shopping cart and quote tool issues

I am having issues in setting up both our shopping cart and quote builder the way we need them to work and I am hoping someone may have some suggestions. The issues we are having are:

  1. In the shopping cart, I want to have an “add to cart” button directly below the product when you’re in the main product list so that someone doesn’t have to click to view the product then add it to the cart. The way it works right now, you would select the category, view all the products, select a product, select “add to cart”, go automatically to the cart, select “continue shopping, and go back through the whole process again, which is the worst possible flow for a shopping cart. What I want it to do is, you would select the category, view all the products, click add to cart on the item you want (or you can click on the product to learn more about it), it adds it to the cart but doesn’t take you to the cart, and you can scroll through the products and add as many as you want to the cart without leaving the category page. When you are done shopping then select “go to cart” and finish checking out. How do I make that happen?
  2. When building out products, I can create a bundle link and add bundle multiple products into one bundle. These then show up in the shopping cart as separate line items but makes it fast and easy for a customer to add multiple products to the shopping cart at once. This part of the process is perfect. What I am having an issue with is I want a category on the ecommerce page that will display those bundles so that anyone can select them at will. All the difficult coding is done. All I would need is a way to name the bundle and add that bundle as another product on the front-end of the ecommerce page. How do I do that?
  3. When building a quote for a customer there is only a field where you can enter a product to add to the quote, but you have to know the name of each product in order to add it. How do I make that filed a drop-down list instead so that salespeople can actually see what is available in the system? Better yet, how would I give them a product list that they can quickly select multiple items from and then add them to the quote?
    From what I figured out so far, everything is really close to working well but they all take the absolute longest path to move someone through the sales process rather than making the path as short and simple as possible for the customer. I just want to figure out how to reverse that, so any help I can get would be appreciated.