Is there a way to print appointment calendar?

I want to print my appointments calendar with all necessary info (contact names, dates, notes (especially notes), etc. )

Is there a way to print appointment calendar as stated above? Whether through infusionsoft itself or third-party app. I’ve tried integrating outlook & infusionsoft however, there is no way to print my appointments calendar with info from outlook either.

If there is way to do this, maybe it would be a great function in the next infusionsoft version update.

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Hi Lauren. Currently there is not. I agree that this would be a great addition to add a form of ‘exporting’ your calendar. I am not personally aware of an integration that would achieve this, but I just saw your post and wanted to reply to bump it up in the view, as another Community member may have an idea.

Also. I wanted to share our official Feedback url with you. When you come across something that you feel would be a beneficial edition to the software, please share it at This form adds feedback to a report that is shared with our development team! There is a place to talk about your feedback suggestion and share detail on how it would benefit.

Great - thank you so much, James.

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