Is there a way to manage Opportunity custom fields via REST?

Just as summary above says, there doesn’t appear (yet) to be an API endpoint to get custom fields for the Opportunity table, nor does it appear that the schema for opportunities includes custom fields in its return body. Any plans to add it?

I’ve been looking at the API docs for the new REST API. Overall, I’m impressed with the changes you’re making-- abstracting a lot of the underlying database structure from what’s accessible from the outside (i.e. how addresses are now formatted into an array of sub-objects, rather than using fields on the base Contact object), presumably so you can make changes later without breaking third party code. It looks like working with Campaigns/Sequences etc is going to be much more intuitive from here on out as well.

I can fall back to XMLRPC to get the info for now, I’m just trying to reduce the number of detours I have to take as much as possible.

Hi @Chuck_Reed,

Currently we don’t have any plans to add the ability to manage custom fields via the REST API. We appreciate your feedback, and we’re open to the possibility of researching whether we should invest time into adding this in.

  • Chris

This is a shame. We use Opportunities to represent Tours, and important information, such as the date the tour was given or the tour route are contained in the custom fields.

Being totally unable to access this information via REST greatly hobbles its usefulness.

EDIT: and I should clarify, I don’t mean that I need the ability to add or remove custom fields from the remote interface. I need the ability to get and set the values of custom fields from REST.

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Yes, I figured that getting and setting Opportunity custom field values from REST was what you meant. I’ll create a ticket for this and send it on to our product manager.

Thanks for the feedback!

I’d like to +1 this feature request, being able to access custom fields via REST would be quite useful.

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Yeah, this has been distinctly problematic. “custom fields” on opportunities was one of the main selling points of the system to our team, along with the great API, but if they are not available together, this is seriously problematic for our plans.

@Sam_Morrow, the same oauth token used for rest can be used for the standard api which can be used for accessing opportunity custom fields.

Ok great, I’ll try that - although I hope they don’t deprecate it too soon!

They may the legacy api but i don’t think the current one will be.