How do I read and update an opportunity's custom field?

I am a really young beginner here to using anything related to an API.
I am desperate to figure out how to use json to read an opportunity’s custom field as well as update an opportunity’s custom field.

I am trying to build a custom Zapier connection to do this and I am not having any luck understanding how to do this at all.

From what I can tell there is not a way to do this with the REST API. Which is a bummer as I have a custom zap that can find an opportunity and then update it. But, there is not way to read or update any custom fields with the same method.

I have looked over the legacy XML API and this looks possible somehow but I have not idea how to do this. Any help would be VERY appreciated.



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Just as you would with contacts, custom fields on the opportunity table can be written to the ‘Lead’ table by including a create/update field array with the custom fields preceded by an underscore. so include in your field mapping ‘_thisFieldName’=>‘this field value’

@Dillan_Archer The API Team is presently working on exposing custom fields for Opportunities through the REST API. I can’t offer a release date, but I would expect it sometime in the next couple weeks.

AWESOME! I am super excited to hear that!

I am really looking forward to that update.

Thank you for letting me know.