How to get Fields available in a Table through REST API.?


We need to get the list of fields available in a table like Contact, Product, Opportunity. We are able to get the Custom field list using the API but not the standard fields. Please advise one how to get the same.

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We provide the full schema for those objects, minus the Custom Fields via our REST documentation at Keap REST API .

Like @TomScott says, the list is at that url. NOTE: that opportunity data will be found in the ‘Lead’ table (as apposed to a table actually called opportunity)

Thanks for the Update @TomScott @John_Borelli. I saw the documentation and it shows the information about the fields but i was not able to find any API call to retrieve the list like we retrieve custom field schema using API call (Example Contact Model Call).

We don’t currently have endpoints that describe the model. Assuming that you are wanting it to generate a client, you can get the Swagger doc that generates that documentation from any Infusionsoft application at the /app/v2/api-docs subresource.

Right, so REST is in development and not all functionality is currently exposed. For some actions, you will need to use the XML-RPC model (which you can use the same access token for) and you might need to directly address the tables in question with the data object.

Thank you @TomScott @John_Borelli for your hep.

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Hi @Tom,

I am looking for the Swagger doc you mentioned so I can generate a client. I have not been able to find it using the URL you mentioned “/app/v2/api-docs”, what is the first part of the url?


@Dev_Kingswaysoft the full url would be

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Thank you, that worked!