Accessing Custom Fields from a database backup

We have a backup of the Keap data.
I know a table DataFormTab but there are only one row for each custom field.
I cannot find the actual data of the custom fields.

I know how to get it from API but I would like to use the backup database

The name of the table that holds the data for each of the custom fields for a contact is called Custom_Contact

Thank you very much.
Since this table is not described in the Table Schema Documentation May I ask to give me the list of fields in this table and their types?

The table doesn’t exists.
I try to load the information and get the error message:
‘[NoTableFound]No table found: Custom_Contact’

How can I access this information using API?

Using the Rest API, custom_field data is returned with either of the GET /contacts calls.!/Contact/listContactsUsingGET