Is there a way to "Batch Create Opportunity Records" for companies

I have about 3000 companies I want to target.

If I had 3000 individual contacts, I could use Batch Create Opportunity Records to create opportunities contacts which I had tagged in a certain way.

Is there a similar process for Companies? Could I do this via the API?

Yes, this can be done with the api. However, be aware that not all functions in campaign builder may be available on the company record level. You would still be able to manage the opportunities manually and campaign builder may still support this at this time, but there has been talk of that not being the case forever…so I’ve heard anyway. So in practical terms, and for example, sending an email in response to a stage move within campaign builder may become problematic since you don’t have company merge codes available on that level.

Thank you John. I don’t mind forgoing the Campaign Builder functionality - manual management is fine. So can you please provide more information here. By my (inexpert) reading of the API documentation when you create an Opportunity record, the only company data you can create is the company name as part of the Contact data. There doesn’t seem to be part of the definition relating to the CompanyID that would be necessary to reference it to the Company table?

So the trick to understanding this is in knowing that a company record is actually a contact record with a special condition that identifies it as a company. You can see inside of a company record, when you scroll down, there is an opportunity tab. In terms of the api, the actual company id is actually a contact id. You will never see a contact with the same id as a company for this reason. So when an opportunity is created on a company, then the company id is used where the contact id goes.