Is the Keap API Community Facebook Group Dead?

We’re working with a firm to help with payment integration and have some questions that Keap’s API support suggested we find out in the Facebook group. It’s a private Facebook group so the developer with the firm recently requested to join but has heard nothing back. This was nearly two weeks ago.

Does anyone know if that group is still active or if there’s a different one he should be attempting to reach? Link below for the group.

Nope, there are a number of posts/questions along with comments and answers just today and for many days back.

I don’t know why it would be two weeks though. I know that the mods run their own companies so it’s often a day or two to get accepted but that’s normal, not two weeks. Try canceling the request and then resubmitting it again.


I’m afraid that’s not accurate. There have been many posts and many new members just in the last week and that’s according to FB.

Besides, OP is talking about the api group not the ‘official users group’

@John_Borelli Thanks for the update. Do you know if the API group is still active?