Is the issue with contacts not receiving emails ever going to get resolved?

It’s pretty much been forever that all of our contacts who have an email account do not receive any of the emails sent through Infusionsoft. They get all of those we send via MINDBODY and any other autoresponders we’ve used–just not Infusionsoft. It’s become more frustrating as we recently released a high-ticket program that relies on our Campaign Builder and NONE of these people received what they were supposed to and have come to us angry about it as they rightfully should be.

Is this issue EVER going to get resolved or do we need to move to another platform like Agile?

Every email client that receives emails goes by their own rules as to what they accept or don’t…it’s far more often the recipient email client and not the sender that has something preventing emails…finding out what that rule is might just lead to finding a way to fix the delivery…if IS is getting through to other clients then it’s doubtful it’s something they’re doing “wrong”…but without knowing what rules optonline requires of emails…no one can say why you experience this.

Well considering that this issue has been prevalent for several years and I’m not the first one to voice it you would think that maybe INFUSIONSOFT would try to find out what the issue is and get it resolved for their customers (I’ve been in for 8 years). Also, the same exact thing was happening with all Yahoo accounts just 3 to 4 weeks ago as well. So it’s pretty evident that the issue is with INFUSIONSOFT and not the other way around.

The yahoo matter (not just yahoo by the way) is because yahoo and others made changes that every email sender is having challenges with and are working on.

I’d still say find out what the specifics on would be (they are far from being common comparatively so they may also follow uncommon practices) would be the best chance of finding out what could be done…it could even have to do with content and not email sending…until it’s checked you won’t know. IS follows the most common practices but with thousands of email clients out there, they can’t cover them all so knowing what’s specific to that one would get a lot further than hoping someone else does it.