Is an individual contact's tag history logged?


I had asked a similar question here (Measuring Retention as Tied to a Specific Tag (Tag History?) - #7 by patrickokeefe), but not exactly, as I was sort of looking for a big reporting solution.

This is a bit more simple, and I didn’t see the exact answer in that thread. Is an individual contact’s tag history recorded anywhere? e.g. this tag was added on this date, this tag was removed on this date.

The “Tag Applications” report under Marketing appears to only apply to contacts who currently have the tag, but I am looking to see past tags they may have had.

I’m guessing this doesn’t exist, but figured there was no harm in asking. I appreciate the time and consideration!


Never seen anything like that in Infusionsoft.

The only solution would be to have an automated script that would check every so often the latest Contact changes and store the Tags assigned them. Then you would be able to query that information from your own database.

Novak Solutions’ DataWarehouse tool does provide this level of reporting - but we can’t query for past tag changes, so we can only give you reporting on tag changes that occur from the date that DataWarehouse is turned on forwards.

Thank you for the replies, @Pav and @Jordan_Novak. I appreciate it.