Integration with Justcall creating a mess of contact records

Thank you for your help with this issue! I am using Justcall as a VOIP and it has an integration to where when someone calls in it automatically creates a contact record within the CRM. If no further data is captured other than phone-number it names the contact “new Justcall, Contact” and it puts in their phone number as an email as a place-holder as well as placing the phone number in the phone number spot. THEN if we DO get ahold of this lead and we enter them into our webforms, it creates a SECOND contact with their actual name, phone number, and email. Since the first record created does not have a name associated with it, we cannot run a merge function because we can’t merge with just the phone number data.

What ends up happening is we have TWO contacts created for one contact. The “New Justcall” one has all the call data, text data etc. While the one with their actual name has email records and forms. This creates a mess of our follow-up as you can imagine. I don’t have anywhere near this number of actual contacts that the system thinks I do, and I have no way to merge the contacts that are duplicate because it’s only a phone number.

Is there anyone who has used Justcall, had this issue, and had it resolved? Their people have been no help on this and we’re going to be charged for unnecessary contacts.

I have attached a screenshot showing 1,600 contacts contain email “justcall” and a screenshot of an example duplicate record that isn’t able to be merged.
Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 4.26.02 PM


We had a client with the same issue related to another calling service. We built them a contact deduplicator based on both email and phone numbers using Make.

We offer this as kind of a ‘canned’ scenario for Make that we can push into your system and get configured for $300.

Email me if you are intersted in getting it set up (