Infusionsoft User is not able to see her ID and unable to proceed into the application

@Cheere_Bee_May_Taclu, I’m going to private message you for some details

Hey @martinc! I’m facing the same issue, can you help me out too?

@Cheere_Bee_May_Taclu Do you know this can be resolved? TIA

Hi, @Cheere_Bee_May_Taclu Please contact our technical support…either via phone or chat. Usually, they just need to resend your invitation email, which is something that I don’t have access to on my end, unfortunately.

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Hey @martinc Image 2019-06-03 at 6.12.34 PM If you notice I can’t see the Top bar to contact the support via chat while calling from India could be a lot expensive to your support. Can you patch me up with an email support agent?