Infusionsoft can't recognize email replies?


It is confirmed by support that IS can’t recognize email replies and remove follow up email sequences from a campaign.

Anyone with good ideas how to resolve this? Maybe by 3rd party tool?

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Hi Eitan!

I wonder if the community has some other ideas on this, but I do know that PlusThis has an email trigger option that promotes the ability to tag contacts that reply to emails. This might be one option you would want to look into. If the contacts could be tagged accordingly, this might solve your situation. Email Triggers - PlusThis


What could be done is to use something like parsey to trigger responding to the email however, parsey generally is setup to pull information from specifically formatted emails and it doesn’t sound like you can count on the formatting to be consistent. A responder script on the email server if available, or a link in the email to manage the response through action sets and a tag are other ideas.

I like to use Zapier for this.

Gmail triggers are pretty slick. They also have an email parser amongst other email tools for triggers.

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