Infusionsoft API as Custom User Provider for Laravel App


We’re building a membership / subscription site for a client in Laravel and would like to be able to auth users into the Laravel webapp – using the default Laravel auth – with Infusionsoft login credentials (validated by middleware). The client has 500 users from their old Wordpress / Memberium site that they want to upgrade to a Laravel webapp.

Can someone with experience in integrating Laravel with Infusionsoft shed some light on how exactly is this achievable?

We worked on an integration project using Laravel but the authentication had to be through Infusionsoft’s OAuth process and the refresh process had to be scheduled on a cron job. We created local endpoints to manage this.

Thank you for the response, but I’m even more confused now.

So we need to go through the OAuth process for all the 450 pre-existing users?

We already did the OAuth process and got API acces for the Laravel app through that.

We’re trying to make users who registered via Memberium to the old website be able to log into the Laravel app using their email address as username and their stored password (stored in an Infusionsoft table in a custom field) and validate the user login into the Laravel app.

Oauth & the tokens for the Laravel app are already in place.

You’re speaking of two very different things. You have your auth on the laravel site side and you have authentication for using Infusionsoft. You can manage logins etc on laravel how ever you choose but if you wish to access IS through the API, there will have to be OAuth facilitated authentication for IS separately.