Integrating InfusionSoft + Angular 2+ app

Hi, I want to integrate InfusionSoft with an Angular 2+ app we are building for a client. Basically we want to implement a single sign-on mechanism where can use the InfusionSoft contact info as the login data (in a similar way as Memberium does it now for Word Press). Same as Memberium we don’t want the user to go through the InfusionSoft login page in order to get the authorization token. Is there any way so we can do that?

Thanks in advance for your kind reply!

Johann Granados

Hi Johann,

It’s a little hard to give any suggestions with the amount of details, but I will try.

Are these users of Infusionsoft logging in or just contacts stored within Infusionsoft?

If it’s just contacts, than all you would need to to is use the API to validate the email / password with the infusionsoft contact data before continuing to the logged in session.
You could also store users in your app’s database and update the data based on Infusionsoft data.

It should not be necessary to do oauth2 unless you want actual users to validate credentials.

hope it helps.

So the developer of Memberium is actually working on OAuth for the product. There isn’t a reason not to because a one time authorization from a customer is not a detriment to their user experience. There IS, however, reason not to use the api key method. It will be discontinued at a point in the future and it would not be fun to have to re-code an entire project because it uses differently formed commands. Once having the one time auth using OAuth they don’t need to ever deal with it again if you manage tokens with a scheduled task. As to working with Angular, there is no direct way within the framework itself, to address calls without posting out to REST or some endpoints you would have to create.