Inaccurate Email Stats

We use Infusionsoft to send internal emails to our sales and creative teams, using tags to separate one email group from the other. However, the email stats for the creative tag are strangely off.

Creative emails go to 30 people, which is shown correctly on the Email Batch Results page. Looking at the overall Broadcast Stats page, though, it shows as being delivered to 60 people. The only stat that is correct is Opened Emails. This causes the open percentage to be much lower than it should (26% for 8 of 30 versus 13% for 8 of 60). Screenshots of these are below.

This issue only appears to affect our Creative tag. Any ideas what might be causing this? Appreciate the help!

Overall Stats

Delivered Emails Detail Page

Opened Emails Detail Page

What does the list look like when you click on the number 60? Does it show duplicate records of sent emails or something else that would explain what’s making it 60?

Hi, John—

The list only has 30 recipients, no record of duplicates.

Just making sure I understand…so it only shows the correct 30 entries in the list but it’s just the number (not the actual accounting of the list) that’s incorrect? If that’s the case then I’d say support should probably be involved.

Also, there are quite a number of known issues ( that all are related to the incorrect numbers in regards to emails and this kind of sounds like yet another similar case.

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Correct. The names and addresses of the recipients are all correct, it’s just the total number that’s off (and, thus, affecting the opened email reports.

I’m browsing some old posts and was wondering if anyone has seen any significant changes in their numbers?

Work arounds?