Import Data to Email

How do I import excel spreadsheet data into the body of an email?

I don’t know that you can…but I’m curious about the use case, and what you’re trying to accomplish here. Can you provide some context?


Even with the advanced imports that support can enable for you, there is not import available for emails to start with. The next problem is that the body isn’t pre-formatted to handle excel spreadsheet rendering. It is possible to import emails with the api and it should also be able to handle the body formatting for the spreadsheet as an html table but that would be the only way I could suggest.

Exactly…I can copy and paste from an excel spreadsheet into the body of the email but it is just a continuous string with no formatting.

Right. So the only solution I know could be done is with api updates and even then it would be to create an html table. It might be possible to set an actual excel view in there but I’ve never tried that approach.

Yes…I am trying to take data from an excel spreadsheet and put it into the body of an email blast.