I'm trying to find a member's memberium password

I need to resend a login to a member and can’t find where it is. Can I get some direction?

It you mean a ‘user’ in your system, you can go to Admin - Users and you’ll see them there with “pending invitation”.
You can click ‘resend invite’ and it will resend.


Thanks Jeff, I looked in admin users, found his name but not sure where you see resend invite. Would it be in recent email history?

If they were previously sent an invite, but didn’t accept, there will be a ‘resend invitation’ link, as shown in the image below. Just click that.

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 5.11.11 PM.png

No, sorry… I’m looking for a client that purchased a course we do through memberium and the memberium subscription is connected to IFS. Thank you.


If you read the post title you can see they’re referring to MEMBERIUM and not a user.


I would get onto the memberium site and submit a ticket because memberium is the best to answer the question since it could be in a custom field and we’d just be guessing (based on your memberium settings) but their support will go in and find specifically what you need for you.