I want to move from worldpay to stripe

I’d like to move payment systems from WorldPay to Stripe - is anyone available to help me to do that? Not sure where to start?

You can set up Stripe in the Infusionsoft system, then set that to your default payment method.
If your subscriptions are set to use the ‘default’ payment system, then they will all change.

If you ‘hard coded’ the merchant account to something else, then you’d need to go into those and change them manually.,



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Thanks, Jeff, so our current members won’t be affected - it will simply be a new system that takes their subscription?

Is Worldpay currently set up through Infusionsoft?
If not, then you’ll need to ask your customers to resubscribe to your subscriptions.

If it is, then you should be able to switch over, as I described. The only potential pitfalls would be CCV numbers. If WorldPay didn’t require them when signing up, but Stripe does, then that could present an issue.

There are lots of moving parts to do this, so it’s kind of hard to go through them all via the Community page.

Hopefully this gives you a few things to look at, though.


thanks Jeff


Hi Jeff,

Hope you are keeping well. Is there anyone we can speak to online about this as we don’t want to ask our subscribers to resubscribe.

Many thanks,

Sue and The Popdance Team

You would need to contact support.