InfusionSoft & Stripe Integration?

Hi - We are researching integrating Stripe with InfusionSoft. We have 3 companies referred to us, but which have you used, and what was your experience? Looking for recommendations on which ones work best for subscriptions (we want to match subscription data between the 2 systems).

Thanks in advance.

Jim Lulejian
BrightFire - Business Development Manager

Have you looked at Stripyfuse?

StripeyFuse is Nexus Merchants

Hi Jim, Did you ever choose any of the options? We have a subscription service as well and can’t seem to find an all inclusive solution to integrate PayPal and IS without a list of headaches. We tested PayPal and IS for 2 weeks and had a huge influx of problems.

Hey Jennifer, In your same shoes… what did you have luck with? Needing to make a switch.

Hi Kirsten,
We have integrated PayPal w/ IS and added on “Subscription Boss”. We have had it up and running for a few months and while not 100% full proof, it seems to be the best option. Our CS team monitors PayPal transactions closely during this testing period but overall, this is the least amount of hiccups we have had.


I really appreciate your response! I am going to check out Subscription Boss! Hopefully that solution continues to work out for you all!