I want to know if i can

Hello everyone (I apologize for my translation), I have a question, if I have a sequence started with a confirmation email and then the registration should wait until a specific date (May 15), I can have the infusion send the following mail in the sequence at the same time of customer subscription (the exact time of the customer’s subscription)? … the reason for this is that he was not included when the client clicks on the option if he sent mass mail in the registry, only son read 15% or 20%, and I think that is why they send all the emails at the same time … if you could send the mail at the same time as the subscription to the list, you could avoid that inconvenience. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

Hey Rey,

It’s hard to understand what you are asking - the translation is rather difficult to make out in a few places.
There are a lot of people with other language skills in the Infusionsoft community - let us know what language you work in and there will probably be someone who can help you or at least give a full translation of your problem.