Transactional email message option

I just learned via a Chat with Support that Infusionsoft considers all of their bulk emails to be marketing emails. However, I send 10-15 emails a week, each going to 5-25 people, that are transactional emails and have no marketing material in them. Occassionally people opt-out of receive marketing emails from us, which is fine. However, this means that they do not receive the transactional emails we send them. We offer training courses and 1 week before the course we send out a reminder email with updated course info and room location info, both of which are part of the service we offer when they purchase a course with us. We operate in Canada and through the CAN-SPAM link that the support person sent me I confirmed that our emails are transactional and relationship oriented, not commercial or marketing emails.

It’s a bit frustrating to have to send someone the same email with all the correct links, etc. a separate email.

When will Infusionsoft allow us the option to send legitimate transactional emails instead of considering all of them to be marketing emails?