I passing hidden fields to Thank You Page

I want to pass a hidden field that has the form name in it to my thank you page so that I can know which form was submitted. Only certain fields are passed, the ones which starts with inf. Is there a way to identify which form was the referrer. For some reason, the HTTP referrer in TagManager does not work.

Why do you need it on the thank you page?

Any field can be hidden and pre-populated by yourself.


I did get the hidden input to pass to the thank you page. I have one thank you page but three different forms. I wanted to identify which form was directed to the thank you page so that I could capture that in an event and pass it to Google Analytics. It is work good now since the hidden input was passed. BTW the reason it did not pass at first is I am just starting out and did not realize I had to publish the form before it would change. I just thought I changed the form and copied the code it would have worked.

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