I need to be able to create a list with specific filters

I cannot seem to get a plain old list of contacts and companies with a specific insurance company name. No tags, no sources, etc. Everything seems to be built for the results BUT I need to reach out to a very SPECIFIC group (list.)

I have looked under both the marketing and the admin “reports,” looked through the ?? section to no avail.

So, any help I can get regarding this awesomely simple desire would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

There are 2 ways. I think you’ll be happiest with the ability to assign contacts to that specific company, then search companies and open the conpany record. You’ll find all the company contacts listed in the Linked contacts tab. This option also lets you designate a specific, primary contact.

BTW, the second way is to search contacts using the company name and save the search results. Each time you recall the saved search it will display that list of contacts. Any new contacts that have been added from that company will also be included in the listing.