How do I create a contact list in Max Classic same as Keap pro?

I’d like to be able to create contact lists for each of my reps. So they can view only those contacts that they own. Is this possible in Max Classic? It is in Keap Pro and I’d like to keep this function if we upgrade to Max Classic

In the user settings you would simply restrict the user access to contacts for which they own.
Then, create “saved searches’ for the criteria you want. You will see all contacts that meet the criteria, but when they are logged in, they will only see those people that they own or have been shared access with.


Details …

Go under “CRM - Contacts”

After entering your criteria, click the ’save’ button and name your saved search.
Your saved searches show up in the top right when you go back to the Contact page.


Excellent, thank you

Alexandra Medved

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