I am receiving multiple unnecessary responses from Task Notifier

I have made a sequence in which a group of patients receive an email with a click box, to fill out their details, in order for me to be notified to send them a gift. However, as soon as the recipients receive the email, I am notified to say they have filled out the form, when they haven’t? Just wondering if there is something I need to do?

send a screenshot of your campaign


Inside the form, under ’settings’, is there an email address there that is getting a notification? If so, you could be getting one from there and from the campaign.

If not, are there tags being applied on the checkboxes on the form?


Hi Jeff,

No there is not an email address provided on the form.

How would I know if there was tags being applied on the checkboxes?


if you click on the checkbox in the form inside the campaign builder you will see a little tag icon … it will have a number in it if there are tags being applied.



My understanding is you are receiving tasks from Task Notifier, even though contacts have not filled out your form.

Here’s a screenshot of a task notification similar to the one you described:

Based on your provided screenshots, it appears this task is being created in the same sequence as the email that gets sent to contacts you wish to complete the form:

If you wish to wait for the task notification to be sent until after the ‘KSMS Form’ is submitted, one option would be to duplicate the ‘Consultation Scheduling: 1 Email & Task to Call’ sequence and to add the duplicated sequence after the ‘KSMS Form’, renaming the first sequence ‘Consultation Scheduling: 1 Email’, and calling the second sequence: ‘Consultation Scheduling: Task to Call’

From there, you would need to take the task out of the ‘Consultation Scheduling: 1 Email’ sequence, and also take the email out of the ‘Consultation Scheduling: Task to Call’ sequence, as shown in the screenshot below:

With this proposed setup, contacts would be sent one email from the ‘Consultation Scheduling: 1 Email’ sequence after the initial tag gets applied.

Only contacts who submit the ‘KSMS Form’ would be added to the ‘Consultation Scheduling: Task to Call’ sequence, where a task would be created, and Task Notifier would send a notification regarding that task creation.