I am a longstanding user of IS & Looking to Get More From It

Hi everyone. I have been using IS for about four years but only scratch the surface of it’s functionality. As a user it is difficult to find the time to look at support, new functions and how best to use what is right in front of me.

I have used third party apps but found them to be expensive and not a real fit for my needs. My admin team do a lot of the mondain campaign work on IS and this has given me the time to look in more depth of what I need.

I have a few immediate needs that I struggle with and hope this group may be able to help me.

I would love to:

  1. Bill in GBP £ and in USD $, as I have clients globally.
    1. Sync my appointments in my google calendar or iCal with IS
  2. Use the Safari browser, without worrying about losing functionality. As a mac user this would be a big shift.

I look forward to taking part in discussions, gaining knowledge and also sharing my own experiences.




Hi Simon!

I too, have had the product for some time yet feel like I’ve scratched the surface a few times, not a lot, but I definitely feel more comfortable “poking” around than I did in the begininning. You couldn’t have paid me to press the Publish Button! Ha!

Then, I stumble into other areas of the system and find more things and am just amazed of what we can do! (Some including 3rd party integration).

So many options but trying to find the right one for our business is quite challenging. We are a Contracting Company in New England.

We use AppointmetnCore to sync our appointments to our Exchange Calendar (Although, I hear Calendly is good too).:smiley:

I don’t know what browser to recommend - Some “things” appear differently depending on what browser you’re using IE, or Safara and Firefox. I don’t like that. :roll_eyes:

I have found google chrome on the mac to be the best solution (PS with appointment core you can add appointment scheduling right to your contact within infusionsoft with a simple to add chrome extension.

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