Http post to twilio

Has anyone set up a http post directly to Twilio to send a text message? I’ve manged to do this with loads of other services, but keep getting a 401 unauthorized message and error code 20003

I’ve tried looking through the documentation but can’t seem to send the correct details does anyone have an example of the correct url to send to and the minimum values pairs needed to send a message via twilio?

I have kept things simple and am using a third party app called Success Engine.
It allows a templated approach to integrate with Twilio and gives you the HTTP to add to any campaign (they do the backend work, which keeps the focus on the processes you are implementing).
I have added a number of texting campaigns and they have all tested and run successfully.

You can create unlimited campaigns with one number and Twilio via this app.
And you can get a discount on your Twilio number via Success Engine too, I believe.
(I am not an affiliate).

(Other things you can do with Success Engine
Success Engine is like “Plus This” but cheaper and you can get good deals with them.
It has saved me tons of time and allowed our campaigns to be quite robust adding up to 20 different processes to your campaigns and site.
We run all our custom fields and MATH to calculate next bill date to send reminder emails for our subscription, for example.)

I had come across the same issue so I had setup some code to do the work and just http posted to the code. Not sure why it is different but could be quite a number of things like security settings, TLS or POST vs GET and how it’s handled (just a few to mention)