Http post + header fields Issue + Illegal character in query at index issue

I am trying to connect with my custom texting service. I have the post FROM Zapier TO my custom texting service that is totally working, but I don’t want to have Zapier as the middle man since it’s just a webhook anyway. So I need Keap Webhooks to do the job.

This is the current, functional Zapier Webhook: 2022-07-15_14-35-25

As you can see, it’s using headers and that is I think were I’m being tripped up.

The info in the headers:
My Keap Post:

I’ve attempted to put the headers into the URL al a: 2|TokenNumberHere

Then my value pairs.

However, even though the zapier works in this configuration, This way is producing nothing but errors for me:

Specifically the "Illegal Character in query at index 86 error.
I’ve tried to figure out what character in there it’s not liking, but every configuration still fails, though the number changes. I think it’s around the “Bearer 2” but every experiment working that around changes the number 86 bit it never goes through.

What am I doing wrong here? Zapier works why not Keap?!!

Here is the documentation for my texting software if that helps: 2022-07-15_14-46-12

Unfortunately your solution will not work without a script intercepting the HTTP POST and forwarding it onto your SMS provider.

Take a look at this article here:

The script needs to send the Authorization via the HTTP Header part. It will not work using the HTTP POST.

Zapier will be doing exactly the same thing as it hides the complexities.

You would need a Web Hosting environment for the script to operate in.