HTML Hover Code

Hey everyone,
I am not a coder but I saw this amazing email done by Nike and Toms Shoes. They both use a hover type effect. I created a hover effect with straight HTML and it works great when I build it in the Infusionsoft HTML builder, however when I send a tester email Infusionsoft strips the code.



Can someone help me figure out why? Thanks in advance.

Do you have the actual email they sent? The CSS used for the hover effects on those web pages are not going to be supported by most email clients.

Hi Martin,

Here is the best I can do for the code for that email:


Tried that code in both Infusionsoft HTML builder and Mailchimp’s HTML builder and they both heavily modified the code in the exact the same way…I checked both modified versions in Diff Checker and they were identical. That’s all i can tell you right now. I would need to dig into the code, but likely won’t have time for a while.

Thank you so much for even looking into it! I really appreciate it.