How would I limit width of recaptcha generated by invisible recaptcha to size of container?

How would I limit the width of the recaptcha generated by the invisible recaptcha on a webform placed in a div container to the width of that container (like the form itself does fine)?

We are using the javascript code from a Keap Max Classic webform created in a campaign, which includes invisible recaptcha. I place that code in various places on our website, and the width of their container div’s varies. The form itself is confining to the containers properly, however when the invisible recaptcha decides to become visible it does not confine its width to the container.

The recaptcha stays in the container, but since the width isn’t being confined, the right hand side of the recaptcha is cut off/hidden… making it impossible to complete or submit the recaptcha, as well as impossible to submit the webform itself.