CAPTCHA code for a Web form is adding blank spaces below the form on my pop-up window

I have created a simple Web form asking for first name and email address. I have copied the non-formatted HTML code to a pop-up window on my website and all is working fine. The problem is that there is a lot of blank space at the bottom of my pop-up window that’s being created by the CAPTCHA code (which isn’t visible). If I remove the code, the extra space goes away, but so does the CAPTCHA features. Anyone else having this problem or know of a solution to prevent the CAPTCHA code from taking up space in my design?

I got help from the people who created the Pop-up plugin. Even though there were no visible
codes at the end of the HTML code from Keap between the CAPTCHA lines, when I removed the line breaks and put all of the CAPTCHA code onto one long line, it has solved my problem.